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We start with a conversation

Planning is our first step.
We believe your unique story and situation deserves a custom financial strategy.

Our approach to planning

At Leonard Financial Group, our commitment to the fiduciary standard guides how we work with your finances. As fiduciaries, we've chosen to abide by the highest standard of business ethics and put your needs first! We believe in open communication, transparency, and honest conduct. 

Here's how we do it.

We always start by having a discussion to learn the facts about your unique financial situation. With this information, we’ll map out your financial journey and help get everyone on the same page. Even your goals need goals! Step by step, we'll develop a pathway to achieving your goals and dreams.

Step 1: Goal Setting

Making your unique financial plan.

How we help our clients

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Step 2: Income Planning

Preserving your standard of living.

The next step in our process is talking about how your family will be provided for even after your retirement.
We'll work on income planning; making sure you continue to have income throughout life, and that it grows with inflation. As the economy grows, so should your income.

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Step 3: Investment Planning

Your income and then some.

Investment planning can supplement your income.
With and understanding of just what you need, we’ll create an investment portfolio designed to meet your specific needs.

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Step 4: Risk Planning

We choose only the investments that fit your situation.

Risk planning means we’ll dialogue with you to discover your unique risk tolerance, and only make investments based on these boundaries.
We use industry know-how and state of the art software to make sure your investments never exceed your risk.

What's my Risk Number?

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Step 5: Estate Planning

Estate planning is the final piece of your financial plan. 

It gives you the power to determine what happens to your assets after death. Some estate plans require both a Will and a Trust.
We'll work to determine what your needs are based on the kind of assets you'd like to protect and pass on. 

Do I need a trust?

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Conclusion: Your Unique Plan

Once you officially become a client, we’ll take a moment to celebrate! And then get back to making your plan work for you.
We can revisit your financial plan as frequently or infrequently as you need to make sure it always reflects your goals and dreams.
Our sole focus is YOU!

If you're ready to take the first step in securing your financial future, schedule a time to meet for a conversation.

Coffee's on us!

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