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Financial Planning

Define Your Needs, Goals and Dreams
Organize / Prioritize Your Finances
Build Financial Roadmap to Achieve Goals


Wealth Management

Investment choices to achieve your goals.
Risk matched to your tolerance.
Wealth accumulation and Income.


Wealth Protection

Risk mitigation strategies to protect your wealth.
Reduce or eliminate taxes and expenses.
Ensure efficient estate transfer to beneficiaries.

Financial Planning

“Someone is sitting in the shade today, because someone planted a tree a long time ago”
– Warren Buffet

In the 1950’s the colloquialism “made in the shade” meant you had achieved financial success with no worries or concerns.  Today we refer to this as “financial independence.”

To help our clients achieve “financial independence”, we begin by working together to organize their financial assets, prioritize their goals and create a financial model unique to them stating their current financial position.  This becomes the basis for working together with our clients as we define their financial goals and potential future life events.  As our clients achieve their goals, we continue to work with them and make adjustments to accommodate economic as well as life changing events. 

Financial Planning Services:

• Personal and Small Business Planning
• Income Planning
• Investment Planning
• Insurance Planning
• Estate Planning

At Leonard Financial Group, our Financial Planning process will guide our client’s understanding of their current financial position as well as provide them their options to achieve their financial goals. 

As an independent fiduciary, the advice we provide is based on the best financial options available to achieve the unique needs and goals of the client.

Does Your Risk Tolerance Fit Your Investment Portfolio?

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