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Our Sole Focus is YOU!

We are Fiduciaries • We Focus on Planning, Not Products • We are Fee for Service, Not Commission

We made these choices to provide our clients with the highest standard of financial advice -
A Fiduciary Standard.

Take Your First Step Today In Securing Your Financial Future

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Why Is the Fiduciary Standard Best for You?

A Fiduciary puts you first. We are legally required to act solely in your best interest with trust, honesty, and in good faith when offering personalized financial advice.  If you're thinking that sounds like a reasonable expectation for a firm you entrust with your life's savings, we would agree! For more information on the Fiduciary Standard, watch the video What is the Fiduciary Standard? 

We're Committed to Your Financial Education

Our belief is...

Financial education is an important first step in developing a client relationship, and building a financial plan unique to your life experiences. You don’t have to learn alone or teach yourself all there is to know about money - At Leonard Financial Group, our commitment is to ensure that you have the necessary knowledge at your fingertips to make wise financial decisions. That is why we begin to educate you the first time we meet. 

After all, making the decision to move your most important asset – your money – to a financial advisor is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make! We work hard to earn your trust so you can feel good about that decision.  We offer our experience and knowledge to help you design your own strategy for financial independence. Financial education gives you the confidence you need to: 

Financial Success Starts With a Plan

You are Unique. Your Life Experience is Unique. Your Financial Plan needs to be Unique.
Together, we build a Financial Plan Unique to You. 

We do this, by having real conversations to get a deeper understanding of...

Who You Are.

Financial planning isn’t just about money; it’s about learning who you are and what phase of life you are in so we may better serve you.

How You Got Here.

From past mistakes to exciting accomplishments, we’ll explore your life up to this point and discuss any life changes that have recently taken place. 

Why You Are Here.

Money helps us achieve our life's goals and supports the things we care about most deeply - We'll discuss Why money is important to you.


Financial Solutions for Every Phase of Life

Are You.... 

Entering the Workforce?

Career Building? 

A Young Family? 

In the Middle of Your Career?

A Maturing Family?

Nearing Retirement?

Already Retired?

Whether you are just beginning your financial journey, well on your way to financial stability, or have already achieved financial success - our services are designed just for You!

Because No Matter What Phase of Life You are In.....

You Need Financial Planning


A Goal Without a Plan is Just a Wish

― Antoine de Saint 

Smart Planning, Forward Thinking


Financial Planning

Define Your Needs, Goals and Dreams
Organize / Prioritize Your Finances
Build Financial Roadmap to Achieve Goals


Wealth Management

Investment Choices
Risk v. Reward
Accumulation and Income


Wealth Protection

Strategies to Protect Your Wealth

Reduce or Eliminate Taxes and
Ensure efficient estate transfer to beneficiaries.

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