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Your Personalized Financial Website Thumbnail

Your Personalized Financial Website

At Leonard Financial Group, we provide our clients with the tools you need to stay informed about how your money is doing.

Your personal financial website is a secure location online where you can organize all of your assets, not just bank accounts and investments. There are locations for information about your house, cars, and other physical assets. You can include everyone in your family, down to the smallest detail, if you’d like.

With your personal financial website, it’s easy to monitor how your funds are changing as time goes on. You can use predictive tools to see how your money will grow differently based on different decisions you might make now, such as saving a little more, or donating regularly to a charity.

 Collaborating with Jeff on your personal financial website is easy! Your website features many of the same tools Jeff uses to take care of your assets, and you can always check in to see what’s new.

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